A Little bit about myself...


                                                                      Fresh out of Lycée Magendie (Bordeaux, France) and passionate about animated films, I                                                                         started my university studies in Film Animation and Theatre Design at Concordia                                                                                       University(Montreal, QC). After studying for 4 years and winning 3 Film Animation awards,                                                                       I obtained with distinction my double bachelor degree.


                                                                      Since then, I have worked on several productions, both in film animation                                                                                                     and theatre. 


                                                                      My film work includes traditional animation for the short film Octobre Noir co-directed by                                                                       Aurel and Florence Corre during the year of 2010-2011, character designs for the feature                                                                         animated film production Ballerina by Blue Bug Entertainment, stop motion animation                                                                            and set construction for Megablock's World of Warcraft Webisodes by Studio Pascal Blais,                                                                        drafted motion tests for 2D traditional animation sequence and created an moving stop-                                                                        motion set for the feature animated film The Little Prince by Marc Osborne, worked as a                                                                            colorist for Studio Pascal Blais, and was hired as assistant animator for Tou Ten Kartoon on the feature animation film Un Monde Truqué. For the past year, I have been working for the youtube channel for kids Little Angel as senior animator and art director, creating animated nursery rhymes and other video content. I also briefly worked for CBR creating a short video featuring Batman and the Joker.


My Theatre work includes costume and make-up design for Concordia's Student Independent Production Faerie: A Musical directed by Robert Montcalm, set designs for Concordia's seasonal production Metamorphoses directed by Harry Standjovsky, set assistant designs for Ana Capelluto on Geordie Productions' Robin Hood, and costume/props assistant designs for Marija Djordjevic on Geordie Production' The Iliad and The Odyssey. Lately I worked as costume/props/make-up/FX designs for Lifelong ProductionsOsama The Hero, Curse of The Starving Class, After The End, Red Light Winter, Danny and The Deep Blue Sea.


I also work as a make-up artist on independent film productions, such as Epsom by Windrift Productions (in post production), All Tied-Up by Sawmill Productions, Thumbscrews and Doomed by Broken Hill Productions, The Fish by Colin Riendeau,

as well as a character concept artist/makeup artist for Palindrome by Kun Chang. I am also a make-up professional for fashion and art photoshoots for Black Sheep Fashion and the Montreal photographer Tudor Parau.


Currently living in Montreal, I am working on several artistic projects including a 2D animated short film.